Aloha, Hawaiian Dick 5

aloha 5

Today, Patrick and Mark are discussing Aloha, Hawaiian Dick 5, originally released August 24th, 2016. As always, this article contains SPOILERS.

Patrick: Back when Mark and I wrote about the first issue of Aloha, Hawaii Dick, Mark had a problem with the bait-and-switch nature of the issue. What purported to be a first issue was actually another entry in a series dating back to 2002. And while the summary page at the beginning of the issue promised Hawaiian spirits and other elements lifted from tiki mythology, the first volume is grounded-as-fuck, and takes place entirely on the mainland. Even fans of the series might be thrown to see the series’ regular protagonist replaced by his little brother Mike. Through the course of its five issues, Aloha, Hawaiian Dick has become a mini-series about the dissonance between the story you expect and the story you actually witness. Writer B. Clay Moore leans in to every unanswered question and ultimately rests on the most satisfying mysteries of all: the everyday mystery of “what happens next?” Continue reading

Aloha, Hawaiian Dick 1

Aloha Hawaiian Dick 1 - Mark and Patrick
Today, Mark and Patrick are discussing 
Aloha, Hawaiian Dick 1, originally released April 20th, 2016.

Mark: I’m not really sure how to approach Aloha, Hawaiian Dick 1. Hawaiian Dick is a series dating back to 2002, and recently came off a successful Kickstarter campaign to bundle the series in a hardcover book. From what I can tell, the series has a small, but devoted, following. Unfortunately, Aloha, Hawaiian Dick 1 is pretty strictly a fans-only introduction to the series. Continue reading