The Vault – Green Lantern Macbook Decal

The Retcon Punchers spend an awful lot of time looking for ways to celebrate our nerdy obsessions. This means a lot of time sunk into scouring Etsy, Deviant Art, Think Geek or whatever. Sometimes we see things so great we just have to share them… and then clutch them fiercely to our collective chest. Throw it in The Vault.

Green Lantern Macbook DecalWebsite: Etsy

Who Would Love This: Macbook users who love Green Lantern, so, you know, NERDS (but not, like, PC nerds).

Price: $8.99

Between three ongoing titles and several trade collections, the Retcon Punchers own A LOT of art featuring Green Lantern, but none of them actually glow. For a character whose powers revolve around making things out of green light, his powers are generally relegated to being represented with tricks and effects that can only hint at actual light. Not so with this clever decal. The artist has a whole line of decals featuring characters interacting with the Apple logo, but none make quite as natural use of the built-in lighting effect. Hal just wanted to make an Apple construct.

2 comments on “The Vault – Green Lantern Macbook Decal

  1. I really REALLY like that the decal makes the glowing apple itself green. I wish the drawing of Hal was more in-line with the Doug Mahnke art and less like the half-anime style of the modern DCAU. But, then beggers can’t be choosers. Also, this wouldn’t make sense on the back of my Dell…

    • I guess you could really put it over any light source at it will have the same effect (though always in the shape of the Apple logo).

      Yeah, it won’t work with your computer, but Dells have that cool X-Men tie in where Gambit touches some of their batteries before they ship. BURN. Seriously, like battery acid everywhere. I suppose it could become a Two-Face tie-in, too.

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