Green Lantern: New Guardians 12

Today, Shelby and Peter are discussing New Guardians 12, originally released August 22nd, 2012.

Shelby: DC Comics has been having a lot of events lately: the entire relaunch, the Night of Owls, Rot World, and now the Third Army, as well as Zero Month. How far out are these sorts of things planned? How much time are the creative teams given to figure out how to tell the story they want to tell while working around and with DC’s event calendar? I’ve been enjoying Tony Bedard’s work on New Guardians quite a bit, but this latest issues feels a bit rushed towards the end, and I can’t help but wonder if he had to hustle to finish his story in time for the Big Events coming up in the Green Lantern universe. 

Tensions are running high as the team confronts Larfleeze. Invictus’ Orrery is bearing down on Okarra, and the New Guardians are fighting with Sayd about why she stole all the rings and sent them to Kyle. Common sense comes from an uncommon source, as Larfleeze reminds everyone that Invictus is on his way, and maybe they should do something about it. Kyle being Kyle, he unites the team for a big show-down!

The Weaponer of Qward appears helpful, demanding that Munk teleport him to the Orrery to see what damage he can do from there. Unfortunately, he then gives Munk the boot and takes off with the Orrery. The ship seemed to be giving Invictus most of his powers; the further the ship gets from Okarra, the weaker the angel gets, until he seemingly turns to stone. Larfleeze is excited, until everyone’s rings short out, and the message “LET ME OUT!” is heard. This reminds everyone of Sayd’s tricks to get the team together, and they look to her for an explanation. Turns out, when Ganthet was stripped of his emotions, his mind made such a ruckus that Sayd felt it, and in her anguish she sent rings from each Corps to Kyle. She hoped it would lead Kyle to unite the various Corps and rescue Ganthet. Everyone else decides this team blows, and flies away in separate directions.

Lots of things happening in this issue, and not all of them really line up. First of all, there’s the defeat of Invictus. We knew he was powerful, but I don’t think we had a firm grasp on just how powerful until this battle. When he’s attacked by Sayd, one of the most powerful beings in the universe I remind you, he just backhands her aside. How can this infinitely powerful being be defeated by something as simple as stealing his ship? Granted, his ship is a solar system, so it’s probably not that easy to steal, but the Weaponer did it without breaking a sweat. That is a damned anti-climactic ending right there. Not to mention a Weaponer of Qward has possession of the most powerful ship in the universe. Uh, guys? Anyone want to do anything about that? Hello?

And what about everyone just bailing at the end like that? It’s true, Sayd brought the gang together under false pretenses, but is that really reason to totally bail when you’ve just seen what you can accomplish together? We’ve really seen these guys grow, both as individuals and as a team, I just don’t buy them all throwing in the towel like that. I especially don’t buy it from Fatality. Sayd did what she did out of anguish and love; the Violets are total suckers for that shit. Even Saint Walker has given up hope on the group; I can’t really see him giving up on the team, let alone giving up on Sayd like that. The story just feels a little rushed here at the end, like Bedard had to quick get this in before the annual and zero month.

That was one thing that really excited me this issue: the fact that all seven of the New Guardians heard the message from their rings. This takes things to another level entirely. We speculated WILDLY last week about the origin of that message. My favorite guess was it was Ganthet’s consciousness, his emotional being, somehow trapped in the Green Lantern ring system. OR that it was possibly the Green Entity. But if all the Corps are hearing this same message…honestly, I don’t know who it could be. It’s gotta be something BIG; it has the power to short out every ring in the universe and deliver a message. Peter, you’re the man with the knowledge, do you have any educated guesses we can speculate upon?

Peter: While I do have a significant amount of knowledge, I know nothing about what the hell is going on with the voice inside the Green Rings. Right now my new favorite possibilities are ‘The First Lantern’, Ganthet, the White Entity, and Abin Sur. The White Entity is intriguing since the Guardians are particularly mean right now and that seems like something they would do. ALSO, it hasn’t been seen nor heard of in a long time, (see end of Brightest Day) and with the return of the Black Lantern Corps in the form of Black Hand in the Green Lantern proper, something is going to have to fight back at it. It’s most curious since the ring can’t identify the voice, which to me, rules out the Ion Entity, since, for example, when Avarice is inside Larfleeze’s Orange Lantern, everyone knows who he is talking to. But most interesting is that here it is not confined to any one color, but ALL colors of the spectrum.

Who/whatever it is, I bet it somehow connects all the way back to the forging of the first ring, since all the other Corps are based off of the first Corps.

On another note completely, I was a little let down by Invictus. It seemed rather easy the way it all turned out. All the team really needed was a Weaponer of Qward. I am excited to see what new menace the Weaponer will be now with the Orrery at his disposal. OR he won’t be that big of deal because the Third Army may just beat the shit out of him.

I am constantly impressed by this series’ portrayal of Kyle. Kyle is a fickle beast of Green Lantern. Here he has shown all kinds of emotion and such, all without showing half of his face. Soon he will be leading a new ‘team’ of New Guardians. According the the October cover, he’s gonna get Saint Walker and Arkillo back, plus Larfleeze and Carol Ferris. Notice there isn’t an Indigo Lantern pictured. The Guardians may be about the wipe them out for good. Also, no Red Lanterns around. But maybe Atrocitus will be joining the party after all the shit hits the fan. What this looks like to me though is a potential gathering of the LAST members of their respective Corps. Will the Guardians get around to taking out most of the Corps? Only time will tell.

Also, in a book we constantly lash for showing a little too much skin, bravo for showing tasteful restraint here.

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16 comments on “Green Lantern: New Guardians 12

  1. I thought the ‘malfunction’ of Arkillo’s new yellow ring was pretty interesting. It seemed that rather than making constructs of Arkillo’s choosing, the ring can somehow sense what the target fears most and projects that. In this case Invictus was scared stiff by images of the dead members of his race, which is way more effective than sets of chomping teeth or anything else Arkillo would construct. He sees it as an error by the Weaponer but really it’s an improvement.

    • I liked that too, I think it makes for a way more effective Yellow Lantern Corps.

      Just to add to the problem of a Weaponer possessing The Orrery: what if he uses it as a new homebase for the Yellows? Can you imagine the problems we’d have with the Yellow Lantern Corps roaming space in a portable solar system?

      • Or what if he uses it to build the weaponers back up as a his own army? They’ve always been treated extremely poorly so maybe he’s thinking it’s time for a little revenge. He’s a great character so regardless of what he does next I’m looking forward to it!

        • Yeah, both the Yellows and the Weaponers are in a state of disrepair. And the Weaponers were plugging along just fine before Sinestro and his fear-rings got involved. I’d like to see those groups go their separate ways.

        • Hanging out in the anti-matter universe… so maybe something to do with the Anti-Monitor? Have we seen that fucker at all in the New 52? Also, does it seem like maybe anti-matter universe stuff got retconned out? This Weaponer (who… why doesn’t he have a name?) doesn’t appear to be made of matter that instantly eradicates normal matter (or whatever it was that used to happen when the two times of matter came into contact). I DEMAND ANSWERS TO STUPID QUESTIONS.

  2. Hey, here’s a question for Shelby: do you think the zero issue and the third army are bigger impositions than that weird detour over to Odym? I always wonder where the editorial decisions come from – like was Blue Beetle using New Guardians to boost its numbers or the other way round? If we had used those two issues to just deal with Invictus, no way would it have felt overstuffed. Thoughts?

    • I didn’t see the Odym stuff as a weird derailment; it served to further align the rest of the group against Larfleeze.

      I think the biggest problem with Invictus, aside from rushed-feeling ending, was how powerful he was. Bedard created a basically invincible being, and then realized he needed to be defeated. The issue opened with Invictus hanging out on a sun for Rao’s sake, how are you supposed to come up with a way to defeat that?

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