Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual 1

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Today, Mikyzptlk and Patrick are discussing Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual 1, originally released May 29th, 2013. 

Mikyzptlk: Our past is a part of who we are. Often enough, it can be something that defines us if we let it. Now, that can either be a good or a bad thing depending on who you are. The last few issues of Red Hood and the Outlaws have focussed on Jason erasing his own past from his memories in an attempt to start fresh. Things haven’t gone as smoothly for Jason as he had hoped it seems as he is finding it harder to escape his past than he thought. Jason’s teammates are no strangers to a past they’d rather forget too, and this issue finds everyone looking back, when all they really want to do is look forward. The Annual is definitely another step in the right direction, even if I do have a bone or two to pick.

Jason feels the weight of the man he once was and Googles himself to find that he’s killed, like, a ton of dudes. He takes the news…not so well. Meanwhile, Roy is having a hard time dealing with the revelation that Starfire has been dishonest in their relationship and has actually been repressing her memories all this time. Before he can sulk too much more about it, he leaves in response to a perimeter alert. Turns out, it’s his old “pal” Green Arrow! He’s there to warn Roy and his team about the bounty that’s on their heads. One explosion later, they come to the conclusion that GA’s accidentally led bounty hunters directly to them. Oops. Fights ensue and days are saved. Well, sort of. Jason’s super pissed that his friends lied to him about who he was and leaves to figure things out on his own.


Alright, first off, there’s a lot to like about this issue as the series is going in a much better direction since James Tynion’s take-over. What I liked best about this issue, though, boils down to two things: Roy and Kori. Tynion is beginning to peel back the layers of Roy’s still-fairly-mysterious past with Green Arrow, and I’m definitely enjoying what Tynion has to reveal. Roy begins to think about his past relationship with Ollie and, what most of their interpersonal issues boiled down to was a lack of trust. It’s fairly simple, but it’s a problem that plagues so many relationships in everyday life that it’s easy to relate to. Of course, there is the matter of Roy’s alcoholism, but Tynion makes sure to emphasize that even without those problems, the lack of faith that Ollie had in Roy would still have doomed their partnership.

This is what happens when superheroes break up

Now that’s how you break up with someone! The other element that made this issue work for me: Starfire. As far as I’m concerned, Tynion has fixed the character. With the simple solution that Starfire has simply been repressing her memories, she’s no longer the sex-crazed goldfish she’s been characterized as since the inception of the New 52. She is once again the emotionally charged character that fans have known and loved for decades. That said, she’s certainly not the character she was in before the New 52, but Tynion has restored the essence of who she was. As long as he has the right base to work with, I’m excited to see what new avenues he wants to take Starfire down. One of those avenues seems to be her continued relationship with Roy. It’s quickly turned into something complex, and if both characters want the relationship to continue, they will need to face their past, and I hope this will afford us the chance to look further into each characters respective past’s.

What about Red Hood, you ask? Here’s the thing, I find myself hating Jason in this issue. The impression I got from Jason is that, even without his memories, this guy is an asshole. There’s nothing wrong with this in general, I figure that even without my memories, I’d still have the same personality. The problem I have though is that Jason is simply too quick to throw away his friendship. Twice in three issues, Jason has completely abandoned his friends who will seemingly stop at nothing to protect his ass. Granted, the Jason of this issue does remember the friendship he had with these characters, but don’t they deserve at least the slightest benefit of the doubt considering they rescued him? Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very much interested in seeing where Tynion goes with the character, but I hope that Jason stops being such a douchecanoe about everything.

Lastly, I need to talk about the artwork. It’s a big improvement over the first two issues of Tynion’s run as I haven’t been a fan of Julius Gopez’s oddities (EYEBROWS). Al Barrionuevo delivers some great action scenes and page layouts in this issue, my favorite being the shot of Arsenal vs. Green Arrow that I posted above. However, I do take issue with one thing in particular. Cheshire is the villain that crashes the party in this issue and while I enjoyed her reintroduction for the most part, I found some of her frequent poses to be… distracting.

Up skirts are awkward

I’m referring to the upskirt here. Now I might not even be mentioning this right now except for the fact that this her third upskirt featured… in this page alone! There’s one preceding this page and another one after, but you better believe there are other shots with her just bending over for no reason and plenty of side-skirt shots as well. It’s laughable. Except, ya know, NOT.

I don’t mean to end things on a sour note Patrick, as, overall, I enjoyed this issue. Even with the page above, while the art was a distraction, the dialogue itself is fine, and Roy totally makes a great joke at the end of it. It’s something I didn’t get into, but I found Roy’s humor to be another of this issue’s strengths. Patrick, is that something you’d agree with? Did you find yourself enjoying any other elements from this issue? Overall, would you agree that Tynion’s run is going in the right direction?

Patrick: Tynion’s definitely picked his pet-projects within this series: The Outlaws. Mik, you pointed out that Jason’s sort of a pill in this issue, but he’s also robbed of all of his agency. For all the things that Scott Lobdell mangled in his time with these characters, he always endowed Jason with a no-bullshit ability to Get Shit Done. He was comically efficient – like Leslie Knope, but dual-wielding pistols. Taking away Jason’s memories also means taking away that agency and it’s frustrating to watch the scrappiest character in the whole DCU basically sit around twiddling his thumbs while his buddy’s island paradise is attacked. He throws one punch. One. At it’s at Green Arrow!

But I do think Tynion knows how disappointing Jason’s inaction is. Early in the issue, Roy asks Ollie to keep an eye on Red Hood, to which Ollie responds,

He’s a Bat-kid isn’t he? He can take care of himself.

Ollie’s got the facts 100% correct: Jason, by virtue of having been a Robin is capable of fighting his own battles. The choice of language is interesting though: “take care of himself.” Each of the Outlaws has proven themselves impossibly well equipped to fight demons or aliens or gangsters or whatever, but the reason they all hang together is that there’s a sense that they need to take care of each other.

Essentially, that’s the difference between Green Arrow and Arsenal – and by extension, what makes the Outlaws different from the Justice League of America (and most other superhero teams, for that matter). The JLA was formed for tactical reasons — as were the other Justice Leagues — but Roy, Jason and Kori pal around together for emotional reasons. The contrast couldn’t be more stark: as the issue closes, Green Arrow calls back to Steve Trevor, asking him not to invade Outlaw Island, as was previously their plan. That’s right, Ollie triggered that emotionally charged reunion accidentally – he was there of League business. He’s like the dad that never shows up to a baseball game, but then the kid sees him in the stands and he finally knows “dad cares about me” – only to discover later that Dad was just there to close a deal with another kid’s parent.

Mik, I think you might be a touch too forgiving with Barrionuevo’s cheesecakery. You’re quick to point out the all-too-abundant upskirt shots, but there’s an equal number of panels where one superpowered butt or another is sticking out for no damn reason. Additionally, the camera is so frequently placed in a manner where we’re basically staring right down Starfire or Cheshire’s cleavage. It’s the same kind of shit that dogs this series constantly – and while the leering posing are one thing, there’s an elasticity to these characters that make their twisted anatomy prime targets for Escher Girls or the Hawkeye Initiative. Roy might make a joke about Cheshire being sexy, but there’s nothing sexy about this:

Cheshire fights Red Hood and Green Arrow

Although, Cheshire does successfully tear away a piece of Jason’s shirt (which… shouldn’t that be something that can’t just be torn willy-nilly?), leaving part of his chest exposed for the later quarter of the issue. Maybe Barrionuevo just really wanted to draw some nipples before the issue was over…

All body-issues aside, I also found the face and acting work to be inconsistent. Nothing reaches the depths of Gopez’ wonkiness in previous issues (love Spencer’s collage of rubber faces), but there are enough heads that come to weird, lumpy points. It’s sort of a shame, because Borrionuevo is fairly adventurous with his camera angles and facial poses – in fitting with the theme of the issue, we see Ollie’s face from below awful lot. Sometimes it’s looks great and is dynamic, but just as often, it’s kind of a mess.

Green Arrow scolds ArsenalPlus, Roy’s hair is CRAZY in this issue. It’s like he’s always standing in front of a fan. Seriously, his hair’s always whipping around – even when he’s stationary indoors. There are adjacent panels, where his hair is billowing in the opposite direction, with no discernible action between them.

Roy's Hair

I didn’t really get a chance to dig into Bronze Tiger and the League of Assassins, who are teased on the first page and then make a confusing return in the last panel. If anyone’s got more familiarity with these characters, and their relationship to Jason Todd and/or the All Caste, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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46 comments on “Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual 1

  1. I didn’t have enough room above to fully express my current feelings towards Jason. First off, I generally like the dude, but with or without his memories, he’s been acting like a whiney, ungrateful shit-head. “Boo-hoo, my life sucks. Boo-hoo, the Joker manipulated me. Boo-hoo, all I have are my friends who have been 100% there for me and would sacrifice their very lives to protect me but fuck them because it’s just too damned hard to remember all the dark shit in my life.”

    It just bothers me that he threw away the memories of his friends, the people who, without a doubt, care more for him than anyone. Then, after they rescue him, Jason’s all like: “Boo-hoo, you withheld information from me about my past…THE PAST I SPECIFICALLY CHOSE TO ERASE ALL MEMORY OF. Fuck you, again, I’m leaving.”

    Here’s the thing though, for all my bluster, I’m confident that Tynion has a plan for Jason that will lead him to a restored memory that he’ll be able to better deal with. I just hope that Jason apologizes to his friends. They certainly deserve one.

  2. So, fun-ish story. Al Barrionuevo literally used to be my artistic nemesis. Admittedly he has no idea who I am, but I spent a lot of time railing against him when he did his four issue run on Teen Titans back in 2007 or 2008, creating a lot of crude, MS Paint rendered protest comics about it. His art was really, really bad, guys. So in the last couple of months, when I saw that Al Barrionuevo was doing the covers for The Outlaws and that the covers were GOOD, I was pretty impressed. I was holding my breath that the interiors for the annual were up to the same standards. And honestly, they’re a tremendous improvement over the Barrionuevo that drew Teen Titans…but it’s still not great. I’m both pleased and disappointed at the same time.

      • He drew the last two issues of the “Titans East” storyline, and then the two issue “Amazons Attack” crossover.

        Literally some of the worst issues of the series in terms of writing, but the art certainly helped make them even worse.

      • More than likely, but honestly, I just hated everything about his art then. I’ll see if I can find the issues, but I know I didn’t even buy all of his run and may have gotten rid of some of them.

        I just remember him drawing Rose Wilson with a deformed face and a mullet. All of his characters were ugly. I’m looking at some of the rants I wrote about him then and I specifically mentioned Donna Troy looking like an asian prostitute.

        It was just really bad art. For whatever faults his work had this time, it’s leaps and bounds above how his Teen Titans work.

  3. As for the art. Man, I’m so sorry if I sounded too forgiving. That was not my intention. I completely agree with your other criticisms of his, but I honestly do think Barrionuevo’s greatest strength is his layouts. I mean, the page that features the debut of Cheshire is really quite dynamic and I would love the particular camera angle he uses, except for the fact that it’s seemingly done for no other reason than to get our very first upskirt of Cheshire. If her skirt was a tad bit longer, it may have been my favorite page of the issue.

    Who the hell is forcing all of this cheesecake onto this book? Like, do the editors really think this is the reason anyone reads this book? It’s just embarrassing.

    • Hahaha – I should never fault someone for being “too forgiving” – that’s my bad.

      I don’t know if I was too hung up on the myriad issues I was encountering with the art to notice the layouts, but I didn’t find any of the pages to be particularly inventive or engaging – especially when measured against Rocafort’s knock-me-down-awesome layouts.

  4. I think my biggest pet peeve with Jason in this issue is that, in the last issue, he specifically fought against getting his memories back, claiming that he felt like a huge weight had been lifted from his chest and that he didn’t want to remember his past.

    I know some time has passed in-between issues, but really, what changed? Why does Jason all of a sudden want to remember his past again? Why would he purposely look information he knows is bad, so bad that it made him want to forget in the first place? It’s like he forgot the arguments he made back in the Acres of All in the first place.

    Now the best part of this issue?: Roybots!

    • Yeah. I immediately thought I had missed something. There was nothing that changed between the last issue and this one so I was confused at first. I just chose to roll with it because of the assumption I’m under of where Tynion is planning on taking the character. It doesn’t change the fact that he had a total 180 off screen regarding his memories. Kinda weird.

      And yes. Roybots! They made me laugh more than once.

  5. Judging by your review, I was more dissapointed than all of you regarding this issue. Not only did all the artistic flaws you pointed out irk me, but I can’t say I was bowled over by the story either. Actually, my problem isn’t so much with the plot as it is with the dialogue, which I thought was clunky and a bit childish at times. To be fair, I’m not familiar with Cheshire so maybe she always talks that way. In any case, as excited as I was about Tynion taking over this title (I really like him on Talon), I’m still not really sold on it. Characterization has gotten much better and I’ll give him a few more issues because I know he has a lot of slash and burn to do to get this series back on track but the fact to the matter is the plot has to get more interesting really soon.

    • Oh, I think Tynion gets a few really quality clever lines in there. I find his characterization of Roy (the source of most of those lines) is actually pretty good. But I can see where everyone else feels a little less than developed. At this point, I’m kinda writing it off to Jason’s amnesia.

      I know I’m a little disappointed with this series in general. For whatever reason, these three characters really capture my imagination, and I just want it to be perfect.

    • Gino, I feel I was pretty generous with this review, which speaks to my appreciation of Tynion over on Talon. The thing is, I totally understand where you’re coming from as I haven’t enjoyed the first 2 issues as much as I would have hoped. In those issues, I saw flashes of improvement, but the mind erasure thing is…weird, and I just don’t like the All Caste stuff. It was refreshing to see a departure from the magic stuff in this issue and, like I say in the review, I really enjoy what he’s doing with Roy and Kori. They seem to be the stars of Tynion’s run so far and I’m not complaining.

      I get that you aren’t thrilled by this, but I’m glad that you are giving it more than a fair shot. I completely agree with you in that Tynion does have a lot to do to get this series back on track, but I can’t help but think: Lemire may have had it even worse than Tynion over on Green Arrow and yet…well, I’ll just say that things are going much smoother for him so far. I’m trying hard to ignore that thought, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that Tynion will right this ship.

  6. That’s very true about Green Arrow, it took me about 3 issues to really get into in but that wasn’t so much because the first 2 weren’t any good, it was only that I was stepping into a comic I hadn’t read before and needed some time to adjust/understand what was happening. Now it’s becoming a favorite of mine. I honestly hope this gets good but I’m planning on trimming all the excess off my pull list (I’m reading about 25 ongoings right now, plus catching up on some older stuff) in August before school starts again, so if it hasn’t grabbed me then, that’ll be it for me.

    • I totally get the need to trim the fat – that’s something we have a HARD time with. There’s always a feeling that something could either a) get good or b) get good again. There’s a lot that I’m going to suggest dropping after August as well (that seems like as good a time as any to evaluate our DC pull – what with the Villains in September). But, yeah, life is too short for shitty comics.

      • Honestly, there’s some titles I could probably drop now but I subscribe to your same a) and b) options so I’m giving every title a pass until August and then I’ll trim down. What’s this “Villains” you speak of, I try to stay away from spoilers as much as possible so I don’t really check sollicits, is it one/many series featuring villains as main characters?

        • The current rumor is that September will see the entire line temporarily replaced by new titles (#1s) staring the villains of the DC Universe. DC hasn’t made an official statement about it yet, so no one knows if they’re all going to be like “Batman presents: The Riddler” or just “Riddler.” It’ll be a hell of a month to keep track of. It’s also thought that some of those #1s will continue on into actual series going forward. As soon as they actually announce something, you best believe we’re going to do a Chat Cave about it. It sounds equally parts intriguing and frustrating.

        • I think your “equally intriguing and frustrating” sums that up quite well; it might be cool to have some new #1’s starring villains but I’m not sure I want them interrupting all the stuff I’m reading. This would land smack into Snyder’s Year Zero, plus all the other books which will have some steam built up into a long story-line by then. I guess we can only wait for an announcement and see. If it does happen and you decide to pull a “0 issue” and cover everything feel free to give me a shout to guest again, I’m off my ship now and I’d gladly write up again.

        • Oh, we are definitely already arguing how best to cover it. It’s tempting to try to ZERO it and read every issue, but that damn near killed us last time (plus that was before we were also picking up like 20 Marvel titles). Whatever we end up doing, we’ll keep you in mind! Thanks Gino!

        • Bleeding Cool also recently reported that either the event itself or one of the books that’ll spin out of the event will be called “Forever Evil.” A phrase that we’ve recently seen crop up in the most recent Justice League issue.

      • DC New 52:
        Animal Man
        Batman and Robin
        Batman, Inc.
        Detective Comics
        Green Arrow
        Red Hood and the Outlaws
        Swamp Thing
        Wonder Woman

        Marvel Now:
        All New X-Men
        Guardians of the Galaxy
        Iron Man
        Superior Spider-Man
        Uncanny X-Men

        Other Publishers:
        American Vampire
        The Wake

        Digital Comics:
        Injustice: Gods Among Us
        The Private Eye

        That’s actually 23, but I want to give the new Superman/Batman series a shot next week, plus Superman Unchained the week after that. So now you see, August is going to be high time I clean up a little and stick only to what’s really good (if I can convince myself of that then!)

        • If I were to drop titles right now, and disregard what I think could/should/will be good and stick only to what’s really enjoyable right now, I would drop the following:
          Detective Comics
          Red Hood and the Outlaws
          possibly Nightwing and Animal Man (although I really liked the last AM issue)
          maybe Wonder Woman, not so much because it isn’t good anymore but mostly because I find I’m losing interest a little bit, I wish the current story arc would wrap up soon; it’s essentially been one long arc since issue 1. I’d be torn up about it though because it has had some really high moments, especially in the first year IMO.
          all my Marvel titles, which is a shame because some issues are really good but I find no series has yet consistently been enjoyable every month. The most likely candidates to stay on would be Superior Spider-Man because that’s the one I enjoyed the most on the really good months, and Guardians because it’s just starting and I’d like to give it a longer chance to hook me in.
          I could probably drop Arrow as well; it’s a nice addition to the show’s universe but by now means necessary.
          Sick thing is, even if I drop all of these, I’ll still have 14 titles! Although, perhaps Batman Inc. will end and drop me one lower.
          @wwayne: I’ve actually just read Witchblade 1-12 and it piqued my interest, so I’ll most likely dig deeper into that. I might also try Hawkeye seeing as I’ve heard lots of good about it, but it’ll have to be excellent to keep me on board, I wasn’t even really going to pick up Green Arrow until Lemire started on it and everyone said it was brilliant. Thanks for the suggestions!

          @Mik/Patrick/Drew/Shelby: It might be cool to have an ongoing chat-cave (that stays on the front page let’s say) where the readers here can post their pull and have others weigh in on what new titles might interest them based on what they like. Just throwing it out there!

        • I would add Hawkeye and Witchblade to your pull list, but, apart from that, you obviously have a very good taste. Thank you for your reply! : )

        • Ok! : )


          Animal Man
          Detective Comics
          Green Arrow
          Swamp Thing


          Come on everybody, let’s all post our pull lists! : )

        • In response to wwayne asking us to post our pull list:

          Green Arrow
          The Movement
          Batman and ______ (formerly “and Robin”)
          Justice League
          Justice League of America
          Green Lantern: New Guardians
          Red Hood and the Outlaws
          Birds of Prey
          The Flash
          Batman Inc
          World’s Finest
          Batman: Lil Gotham
          Batman Beyond: Unlimited

          Young Avengers
          A+X (if I like the characters inside)

          Private Eye

          I also trade-wait Image’s “Morning Glories”, and I plan on picking up Superman Unchained and possibly Superman/Batman. Which means I need to drop some books, good lord.

          Birds of Prey, World’s Finest, you’re first up to the chopping block.

        • Thank you Spencer! : )
          Talking about trade-waiting, until a few months ago I used to trade-wait most of the comics I was reading, but now I’m reading all of them month by month.
          I read some of them in the U.S. edition and some others in the italian edition (which is published some months later).

          U.S. EDITION:


          Green Arrow




          Animal Man
          Detective Comics
          Swamp Thing


        • I’d say its better than that first arc. He let up on the flashbacks and has a less aimless plot, but if you didn’t like it at first you won’t like it now.

          I keep considering dropping it, and then it’ll do something that interests me just enough to hang on for another month. In that sense, I kinda wish it would get worse so I could just let go already.

  7. P.S.: I made a mistake: I buy Witchblade exclusively in the U.S. edition.
    Also, it stuns me that Red Hood gets so many comments each month. Probably it’s one of the most commented series ever here. It would be interesting to make a chart and to find out Red Hood’s ranking.

    • We always do manage to start these long rambling kind of discussions in the Red Hood thread, don’t we?

      And even besides that, I think books that aren’t quite perfect tend to spawn a little more discussion, because there’s more to nitpick. It’s human nature!

      • You’re right: when you have to comment a 5 stars comic book, what can you say? Solid story, mind blowing art, it makes you craving for more. That’s it.
        When you have to comment a far less perfect comic book, on the contrary, there are a lot of things you can write: you can point out the details you liked most, you can list the flaws that peeved you, you can give some suggestions about how the series could improve… yes, commenting “not so perfect” comic books is much more stimulating.
        Also, sooner or later I would like to see a Retcon Punch post breaking the wall of 100 comments. We got VERY close to that goal with Batman Inc # 8, and I’m sure we’ll make it someday.
        Thank you for your reply! : )

  8. @wwayne: nice list. Based on what you’re already reading, I would highly reccomend Batman and Robin (though right now isn’t a very good jumping on point; either back track to issue 1 or wait 3 more issues for the new arc to start). Batgirl and Talon are both very good as well. Outside DC, Saga is great; everyone should give that series a try. Lastly, since you dig Scott Snyder’s writing on Batman, give The Wake a shot, issue 1 just came out this week and it’s shaping up to be really good. Plus, it’ll be only 10 issues so it’s easier on the time/wallet long-term.

    @Spencer: How is Earth-2, is it worth picking up? Aside from that nice pull, quite similar to mine, although I eventually lost interest in JL/JLA and dropped them. Looks like I might have to pick them up again if Trinity War is a huge deal in the DCU.

    • Thank you for the recs! At present my budget doesn’t allow me to widen my pull list very much, but I can always make an exception for a Bat – title or a good indie comic book.
      I didn’t know that “The Wake” was a miniseries. I should have figured, though, considered that Snyder is very busy with his DC series – and he must write them with much accuracy each month, because all of them are A – list titles. The bad sides of being one of the most talented comic book writers in the world. Thank you for your reply! : )

      • P.S.: Snyder is one of the most talented comic book writers in the world, but the best one is Charles Burns, in my opinion. Jeff Lemire gets the 2nd prize, and Snyder gets the bronze medal. But it’s a matter of taste. : )
        Some years ago I would have included Ennis too, but I stopped reading his works a long time ago, so now I can’t tell whether he still is a marvellous writer.

      • In the case of a tight budget, I would say go with just The Wake on a monthly basis since it’s a short term commitment and when you can afford it, get Saga as trades. Vol. 1 (#1-6) costs only 10$ and vol. 2 is coming out in June and will probably go for 15$ or so and will catch you up to issue 12. The series is on hiatus until the fall so by then you might be able to add it on a monthly basis.

        About Snyder, I agree he’s one of the best, he’s probably my favorite right now along with Brian K. Vaughan. Speaking of which, I forgot to add, get The Private Eye as well, it’s an online comic by BKV and it’s name your own price, you can even get it for free if you can’t afford to pay for it, and it’s a great read.

  9. I like Earth 2 well enough. The dialogue is pretty bad, I’ll warn you, but I really really enjoy the world James Robinson is building and the characters he’s inhabiting it with.

    That said, Robinson is apparently leaving the book soon, so if you were contemplating checking it out, I wouldn’t do it now. I have no idea who’s going to be replacing him or what the quality of the new run will be like, but either way it’d be safer to wait until then to see what the book will be like carrying on into the future.

    (Retcon Punch did review the first arc of the series; they aren’t fans)

    • Thanks for the tip, I’ll indeed await the change then, especially since I tend to really nitpick bad dialogue.

      @Patrick: Are you reading everything that’s on the Retcon Punch pull list, or does each writer read certain titles only? What are your favorites, and what are you thinking of letting go come August?

      • Drew and I both read everything that’s on the pull. But I’m also reading Captain Marvel, Avenging Spider-Man, Thanos Rising, Phantom Stranger, Batman Beyond and Injustice and then I’ll pick up individual issues that look interesting to me.

        I’m tempted to drop kind of a lot after August. It becomes kind of a weird balancing act because there are comics I want us to cover (because they have IMPORTANCE in the UNIVERSE, but I don’t love / don’t love anymore). Quick and dirty list of stuff I could trim: Captain America, Vibe, JLA, Nightwing, Birds of Prey, Red Hood, Aquaman, Iron Man, maybe Nova, maybe Green Team, maybe Invincible, maybe All-Star Western (though, depriving myself of Moritat’s art seems wrong).

        And honestly, that might be necessary if I want to keep up with adding titles that look like they might be fun (Superman/Batman, Superman Unchained, whatever that new Jeff Lemire Vertigo thing is called, Infinity, Chew, anything in the Valiant Universe).

        As far as my favorites? Saga, Batman, Batwoman, Wonder Woman, Hawkeye, FF, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I love love love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but our articles on it don’t generate a lot of discussion or traffic – BUT I DON’T CARE. It’s just so much fun and especially now that the City Fall arc has started (and Mateus Santolouco is doing the art), I just adore it.

        • I’ve been hearing lots of good stuff about TMNT, both here and elsewhere, so I’ll give it a shot; expect me to chime in next month. Plus, I LOVED them as kid. It also seems like I’m the only person NOT reading Hawkeye so I’ll try that out as well.

          Aside from that it makes me feel a bit less guilty to know I’m not the only one thinking of dropping Nightwing. It kind of breaks my heart because I love the character and I loved the early part of the run and Gates of Gotham by Kyle Higgins, but I wonder how much Snyder may have been an influence on those, and perhaps that’s what’s missing now.

          Looking over your to-drop list more carefully, I realize that a lot of the titles are either things I used to read that I dropped already (JLA, Birds, Aquaman, All-Star Western) or stuff I’m strongly thinking about dropping (Iron Man, Red Hood). Long story short, you have good taste (or we both have bad taste).

          Just out of curiosity, how much does it cost you to pull all those titles every month? I haven’t counted on the pull list page but you guys must be covering like 35 titles or so right?

          PS. Lemire’s new project is going to be called Trillium.

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