Machinations Abound in Green Arrow 33

by Spencer Irwin

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

Machinations abound in Green Arrow 33. The issue finds Oliver Queen back home in Seattle Star City, ready to once again protect his home and prove his innocence, but for the moment Oliver seems to be the only person in the city without some sort of master plan — but not without a trump card.

Said trump card, of course, is Wendy Poole, alive and (not-so) well, thus proving that Oliver is innocent of the crime of murdering her. The problem is that Wendy is severely traumatized, and with the Ninth Circle no doubt after her, Wendy’s family isn’t willing to let her testify in Oliver’s behalf. Benjamin Percy and Jamal Campbell have come up with a convincing enough reason to keep Wendy out of the proceedings for the time being, and while I’m eager to see if/how Ollie’s lawyer, Kate Spencer, can pull off her own plan to prove his innocence, I can’t imagine we’ll go the whole trial without Wendy somehow coming into play. I’m glad for Oliver’s sake that she’s in reserve, but it does sap the trial itself of some tension.

Behind the scenes, though, the Ninth Circle are certainly feeling plenty of tension. Two different master plans snake their way throughout the issue — the Ninth Circle have ousted Moira Queen and Broderick due to their losing the satellite (Thanks, Ollie!) and have recruited Shado to kill them both, and Moira has revealed herself to her son for reasons not quite specified, but no doubt related to her own survival, and perhaps even her reclamation of her Ninth Circle post.

She shows a flair for the dramatic, revealing herself to Ollie atop her own grave, likely intending to prey upon his grief and affection for her. To what end? Does she want to recruit Ollie, or does she consider him an enemy? Does she know he’s Green Arrow? Moira’s plan intrigues me because it’s clear that she’s a master strategist, yet she’s new enough to the series that I don’t yet know what her full aim is here. That makes her a dangerous and unpredictable opponent, and perfectly poised to strike Oliver at his weakest. I’m scared for Ollie, but I can’t wait to see her plans unfold.

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