Upping the Ante in All-New Wolverine 29

By Michael DeLaney

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

I think the best writers at DC or Marvel are those that incorporate the past — warts and all — while paving the way for the future. With secret origins, even secreter origins, clones, children and magical swords, Wolverine has a complicated and silly comic book history. Leave it to Tom Taylor to take on some of that silly and make it a strength.

In All-New Wolverine 29, Laura and her kin continue to be hunted by “The Orphans of X.” Previously the Orphans had taken the Muramasa Blade — a mystical sword that can kill Wolverines — and crafted it into Muramasa bullets. To protect our feral friends, Taylor takes it to the next logical progression: Muramasa Body Armor.

Another example of ingenuity is what I will call “the Muramasa workaround” — which I’m not sure if Taylor introduced or it has appeared before. In a very Walking Dead manner, a Wolverine can survive a Muramasa wound by removing the tissue affected by the mystical weapon, which allows their regeneration to kick back in. Which leads us the the conclusion of All-New Wolverine 29:

When you’re writing regenerative mutants, you might as well take advantage of it, like when Daken cuts himself open and inserts a cellphone to act as a tracker.

Juann Cabal uses the sequential art form very well here, first in the SNIKT battle with The Hand and then with a stealth infiltration.

I almost prefer this completely silent page to the big action page. With no captions, dialogue, or sound effects, the onus is on the artist to tell the story — and Cabal nails it. The way that we see Gabby and Laura sneak around as well as the before and after of them knocking out the guards. No sound, no “action.”

The conversation doesn’t stop there. What do you wanna talk about from this issue?

One comment on “Upping the Ante in All-New Wolverine 29

  1. I will admit, I think the Muramasa armour looked very silly. The idea could have worked, but it needed a better design. I mean, compare that splash page with the other panels you guys show, and the other panels look so, so much better. Things like the helmet or the breast plate just look silly, and the suit looks so stiff and artificial, like she’s a statue. A bit more thought on how real armour works and how would really improve it. It is such a shockingly bad visual in a comic that actually had so many good ones.

    Things like the soul ceremony, that first page with the Hand (both them charging like a tsunami and Gabby’s first kill), and, as you already showed, the infiltration and the final page.

    Other little touches I love is finally giving Aunt Debbie a real scene – the Kinney’s should have been much more important to this story than they have been – and Daken’s plan, which I love in how it combines his fantastical mutant powers with the mundane nature of smartphones. And Laura runinng across the snow in her underwear after hearing of the attack – it feels so right that Laura would be in such a rush that she’ll undress as she runs so she doesn’t have to waste time getting undressed when she reaches her clothes.

    A lot of really great little touches that make this book a lot stringer than usual. Even if the Muramasa armour looks terrible

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