The Vault – Green Lantern Costume Snuggy Sleeved Blanket

The Retcon Punchers spend an awful lot of time looking for ways to celebrate our nerdy obsessions. This means a lot of time sunk into scouring Etsy, Deviant Art, Think Geek or whatever. Sometimes we see things so great we just have to share them… and then clutch them fiercely to our collective chest. Throw it in The Vault.Green Lantern Costume Snuggy Sleeved BlanketWebsite: Super Hero Stuff

Who Would Love This: Sleepy/lazy cosplayers

Price: $29.99

You may be familiar with the distinctly unheroic feeling you get vegging-out in front of the TV, but have you considered the possibility that the problem lies in the unheroic nature of the blanket you use to keep your lazy ass warm? Well, the good folks over at Super Hero Stuff have considered that possibility, and have come up with their own solution: a Snuggie® with Green Lantern’s body printed on it. Part boardwalk cut-out, part blanket, this item takes the “superhero shirt with fake muscles” phenomenon to its logical conclusion, even depicting muscle-bound legs on people who can’t even be bothered to stand for cosplaying. Hope you always imagined Hal Jordan with Dorito-stained fingers!