Green Lantern Corps 12

Today, Patrick and Shelby are discussing Green Lantern Corps 11, originally released August 15th, 2012.

Patrick: “Don’t trust the authority.” It’s a theme that runs rich through the Green Lanterns mythos. And it’s not just the Guardians you can’t trust. Your mentors (Sinestro, to a lesser extent Abin Sur), your peace keeping force (the Alphas), even your greatest heroes (“Halallax” – which is what Shelby and I like to call Hal when he was infected with the yellow): everyone’s out to get you. For a series with such anarchist underpinnings, Green Lantern Corps has an unshakable belief in the fundamental goodness of their group. This issue kicks both of these conflicting ideas into high-gear.

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Green Lantern Corps 10

Today, Peter and Shelby are discussing Green Lantern Corps 10, originally released June 20th, 2012.

Peter: John Stewart is guilty: guilty of murdering a fellow Green Lantern who was about to give away the access codes to the Oan defense network. He stood his ground in an unfair trial and lost. He is about to be sentenced by the Alpha Lanterns, in front of the entire Corps and the Guardians of the Universe. We have been building towards this very moment for months, and it is all about to come to a head. How will it affect the future of the Corps? What are those nefarious little Smurfs planning?

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