The Vault – DC Character Flash Drives

The Retcon Punchers spend an awful lot of time looking for ways to celebrate our nerdy obsessions. This means a lot of time sunk into scouring Etsy, Deviant Art, Think Geek or whatever. Sometimes we see things so great we just have to share them… and then clutch them fiercely to our collective chest. Throw it in The Vault.

Website: Mimoco

Who Would Love This: Computer people who don’t already have better solution for this

Price: $9.92 – $22.95

We all need data storage, right? SURE YOU DO! Yeah cloud storage and Drop Boxes and web-based email account may render the need for physical data storage totally obsolete, but in the meantime, let’s make sure our flash drives look like DC superheros. Look how big their heads are! That implies so much storage potential. Also, hilariously, there isn’t one for The Flash. Whu?

7 comments on “The Vault – DC Character Flash Drives

  1. HANG ON. There’s no Flash one but there IS a Tomar Re one? Way to miss THE MOST OBVIOUS tie-in. A Flash flash drive would be way more useful than the “Superman Apartment-Building Maintenance Kit” or the “Wonder Woman Daydream Tampons.”

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