Retcon Punch is for Lovers; Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14th is about three things: socks with hearts on them, discount chocolates on the 15th, and corny Valentines cards for your friends. We can’t really share the first two with you, our loyal readers, but boy can we share the third! A couple years ago we made a bunch of corny Valentine’s Day cards, and we had so much fun we did it again last year. Because we’re once, twice, three times a lady, we’ve done it again and made a new batch of Valentines for you all. Feel free to print and pass them out to the nerds you love the most, just keep our name on them, huh? More after the break.



poison ivy




wonder woman






red sonja




star wars

8 comments on “Retcon Punch is for Lovers; Happy Valentine’s Day!

      • ” It’s amazing how one line of dialogue has basically turned me off to a writer forever.” – Wow. Did I miss something?

        Deadpool, Red Sonja, and Batman were tops.

        • It’s from back in the super early days of Earth-2, when Alan Scott constantly referred to his fiancée Sam, who had just died in a train crash, as his “dead lover.” It’s really bad dialogue, Patrick’s forever been turned off of James Robinson because of it, and we made a valentine out of it either last year or the year before (“Be My Dead Lover!”)

        • It’s maybe not fair to single out that line, there’s also the hilariously bad “How’s the hell this happening?” from that same issue. Robinson, man – I don’t like the way that guy writes.

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